Souvenirs from Phuket: coffee and tea


Souvenirs from Phuket: coffee and tea

The choice of gifts and souvenirs, which can be brought to relatives and friends from Thailand, amazes with its abundance. Your friends will certainly like natural cosmetics, latex products, pearls, different statuettes, magnets and many other things. Tea and coffee are also popular gifts from Phuket. In this article, we will recommend which coffee and tea is the best in Phuket and where to buy it.

Tea in Phuket

The tropical climate and rich flora of the island allows growing a huge number of varieties of tea with different taste and color. Here you can enjoy the taste of black, green, red, white and even blue tea. The composition of red tea includes Rosella flowers with a sweet and sour taste. Unusual blue tea is made from clitoris flowers with the addition of lemon or lime for a rich taste.

Tea with lemongrass is especially popular among locals and visitors. This plant gives a light citrus aroma to the drink that perfectly refreshes and relaxes. Various herbal teas with the addition of jasmine, mulberry, matum, and others are also very popular. Tea with matum has a sweet taste and helps to get rid of a cough or a slight cold. Cha Tra Mue is one of the most famous tea companies in Thailand which has been working since 1945. High-quality and delicious tea of this company is sold in most shops on the island.

Products of the Ranong Tea company are mainly exported to Europe and Asia. Some of the teas of this company were awarded Shell Chuan Chim in the field of gastronomy. The company produces black tea, green tea, tea with the addition of herbs and tea for weight loss. You can buy them in large supermarkets, such as Tesco Lotus or Big C.

True fans of tea can go to tea plantations in northern Thailand and visit branded stores of such companies as Boon Rawd and Wawee Tea. A great place to buy tea in Phuket is Tea House which is situated in Chalong. Here you can try and buy hundreds of varieties of tea, herbal medicines from Thailand and China. English-speaking shop assistants will help you to make a choice.

Coffee in Phuket

Coffee was first introduced to Thailand by foreign traders and migrants many years ago. The Thais appreciated this drink and even found their own way of drinking: they drink coffee with ice and condensed milk.

In the 70s the King Rama The Ninth ordered to start the production of coffee plantations in the territory of opium gardens. Since then Thailand has become one of the largest Asian coffee exporters. Such varieties of arabica as Doi Tung and Doi Chaang received the status of protection of the place of origin from the European Union in 2015.

Doi Tung coffee beans, ground coffee, and coffee of several degrees of roasting is sold in local supermarkets.

Doi Chaang coffee is grown in a small village near the Chang mountain in Chiang Mai area. Basically, all products are exported for sale in the US and Canada. But you can also try this elite drink in the branded Doi Chaang coffee houses at Kamala and Karon beaches and Phuket Town.

Boncafe is another popular coffee brand with more democratic prices. It is sold in most supermarkets and in the company store opposite the Chilwa fair. There you can taste and buy coffee. This Thai-Swiss company produces many varieties of grain and ground coffee according to the European standards.

Hunter   (01.05.2020 12:21)
I love tea, I will bring it from all the countries where I have a rest. Recently returned from Phuket. I brought many more gifts and tea.

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