Beaches with no waves in Phuket


In May dry season changes to rainy weather in Phuket and the monsoons start blowing from the sea. During the hot season the water in the sea is calm and clear, so most tourists come to enjoy the sandy beaches and azure coast only at this time.

In May the tourist season ends because the sea becomes stormy and high waves prevent people from swimming. That’s why beach workers set red flags. However, there is an opportunity to find the beaches without waves in Phuket during this period. In this article we will tell you about coastlines where the sea is calm all year round.

Three Trang Beach

This paradise is located near Patong Beach. The beach is very clean and well equipped. Although the place is not very popular among tourists, it is quite noisy and crowded and there are parties and discos on weekends. The waves here are low because Three Trang Beach is located in a bay which is protected from the winds.

Layang Beach

Holiday at Layan Beach will be a good choice for those who are interested to spend it on the beach with quiet sea in Phuket. Guests of the island and the local residents like this picturesque place. The beach is located in the north, there are many coniferous trees and other plants grow here. The sea is calm and sheltered from the winds by the neighboring Kala Kala Island. In the southern part of Layang Beach you can rent kayaks and have a snack at a local cafe.

Ao Sen Beach

The coast in the south-west of the island between the beaches of Kata Noi and Nai Harn is a favourite place of the Thais and experienced travelers. Here you can rent a bungalow, visit a restaurant and there is a parking place for cars. Ao Sen Beach is decorated with many trees and stones - it is an excellent place for snorkeling.

Friendship Beach

This beach is located in the south-eastern part of Phuket between Rawai Beach and Chalong pier. There are numerous entertainments and a hotel at the beach. Waves can be quite rare but during ebbs the water goes almost a kilometre away the coastline.Cruise liners often depart from this bay, so the water is not very clean.

Nai Yang Beach

This beach and its neighbors Mai Khao and Nai Ton belong to the national park of Thailand. You can get there in 10 minutes by taxi from the airport. The sea is always calm because it is protected from the wind by a coral reef which is near the shore. Nai Yang is a perfect place for a quiet family holiday as well as for snorkeling and diving. You can also have a meal at local cafes or at special picnic areas.

Yanuy Beach

This part of the coast is hidden from the monsoon by high cliffs. The beach extends to the southwest of Phuket near Promthep Cape and Nai Harn beach. There is a cozy hotel and a cafe with changing rooms at the coast. The seabed is covered with large stones, so the water is crystal clear. It is difficult to find a better place for exploring the underwater world, so there are a lot of divers during the tourist season. From the shore opens a picturesque view of the neighboring island.

Panwa Cape

Panwa Cape, like neighboring beaches in the south-east of the resort, is reliably hidden from the monsoons. The beach infrastructure is poorly developed here, there is only a couple of hotels with their own beaches. Two small beaches near the cape (Ao Yon Noi and Ao Yon.) are connected with a thin isthmus.

Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach is more picturesque and secluded than the neighboring Ao Yon Noi. There are bungalows, snack bars and cafes at the shore. The pearl farm and a yacht club are situated nearby.

Nai Harn Beach

Perhaps, Nai Harn is the quietest beach on the island. This area in the south side of Phuket is protected from the winds by a protruding cape. The southern part of the beach where undercurrents are not so strong is more comfortable for swimming.

Bang Tao Beach

This beach stretches for a long distance in the North of Phuket. The place suits for having a rest with children because there are no waves even during the season of monsoon activity.

So you can easily find an ideal place without high waves in Phuket even during the rainy season.

Trinity   (29.04.2020 15:27)
Very interesting and useful article, we will go with the children and want to be on the beach where there are no waves. Thanks for the info.

Anneke Bodenstein   (19.04.2019 21:33)
Can you get the municipalities involved to control plastics on the beaches?
I spend the past 14 days in KATA, my favourite place. With the Russians there the beach was littered with plastic straws, water bottles and plastic bags. What can you do to save the sea life in Thailand!!!
It is shocking to see...!
Thank you in advance

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