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The most interesting temples in Phuket


The most interesting temples in Phuket

Phuket is famous throughout the world for its numerous Buddhist temples, which amaze with its beauty. There are about 40 temples on the island, including small buildings and huge complexes. Almost every temple in Phuket has its own history. Some temples have a special meaning for local Buddhists.

In this article, we will tell you about the most interesting temples in Phuket.

The Big Buddha Temple

This temple complex is one of the most popular attractions in Phuket thanks to the huge 45-meter tall Buddha statue on the top of the Nakkerd hill. This temple is also an important place for Buddhists who visit it for worship. There is a viewpoint at the foot of the statue, which is known for its gorgeous view of the island.

The temple complex was built recently by a small company of friends who once noticed what beautiful views open from the top of the hill. The friends decided that this was the best place to build a viewing platform and a significant temple for Buddhists. The construction of the complex was completely sponsored by donations.

The Big Buddha Temple is located near the main city road so it is easy enough to get there.

Wat Prathong Temple

Wat Prathong Temple is not as popular among tourists as the Big Buddha, but it is also a beautiful place with a rich history. The main attraction of the complex is the golden Buddha Statue, which is only half dug out of the ground. It is forbidden to touch the statue otherwise, Buddhist people believe you can become a victim of a curse.

According to the legend many years ago a boy tied his buffalo to a peg, which was sticking out of the ground. After some days the boy and the buffalo fell ill and died. The boy's father went to the meadow and saw that the peg was the Buddha statue, which was buried deep into the ground. Since then, anyone who tried to dig out the statue died, so the statue remained half buried. Then it was decided to build a temple in this place, which was named by Rama VI.

Wat Prathong Temple is a fairly quiet and peaceful place with a lot of ancient drawings and statues. The complex includes a museum where ancient household items and weapons are collected.

You can reach the temple by car or motorbike. It is necessary to move to the north of the Heroes Monument until you see the sight of the temple on your right.

Wat Phra Nang Sang Temple

According to the legends, it is the most ancient temple on the island, which was built more than 5 centuries ago. The legend says that this temple was built in honor of the princess, who was unfairly accused of a crime. During the execution of the princess, people saw her white blood, which proved her innocence. People decided to build a temple honouring the memory of the princess. The temple has got another name - the Temple of White Blood.

To get to Wat Phra Nang Sang Temple you need to move to the north of the Heroes Monument, you will see the temple after a 7 km trip.

Wat Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong is a complex of small temples, which was built more than 100 years ago. There is a genuine fragment of the Buddha’s bone in one of the temple. There is also a special place where local residents can make a wish and it will come true. You need to find a large statue of an elephant at the entrance to the complex and rub its belly. While visiting the temple, you can hear the sounds of exploding firecrackers - local monks scare away evil spirits in such way. The buildings of the complex are decorated with various ancient images and numerous Buddha statues.

The cave temple

The cave temple is located in a limestone cave. In one of these caves there is a well-known statue of the reclining Buddha which is 15-meter long. The walls of the temple are decorated with Thai style tiles. The temple is also famous for its exotic inhabitants - monkeys, which like to get food from the visitors. The temple is located in the Phang Nga area, 12 kilometers away from Phuket. Visiting the temples of Phuket with tours with a convenient transfer from the hotel will surely bring a lot of pleasure.

Visiting the temples of Phuket with tours with a convenient transfer from the hotel will surely bring a lot of pleasure.

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