Top 5 tastiest dishes of Phuket!


Top 5 tastiest dishes of Phuket

Pad Thai

This is one of the most popular Thai dishes. It has many variants of cooking. You can find Pad Thai in the menu of a luxurious restaurant and in the kitchen of the parental home of any Thai girl.

Basically, it is fried noodles with soybean sprouts, seafood and peanuts.

This dish is medium spicy - suitable for the unprepared tourists’ stomachs.

Massaman curry

Those who have never tried curry wasted the time of their lives! This is sweetish nourishing dish. To be honest, it doesn’t look very nice, but tastes incredibly wonderful! Tender meat and potatoes with coconut sauce and fragrant spices - and be ready, the meal will be spicy!

Green / Yellow / Red curry

There are some kinds of traditional curry and each of them is unique and special.

Just imagine: meat and seafood with vegetables in spicy sauce made of coconut milk - it sounds delicious!

Tom Yum

There are many legends about Tom Yum soup. This is a very unusual combination of salty, sweet, spicy and sour tastes. There are different variations of Tom Yum recipe, we recommend to start with Tom Yum with fried fish pieces (and remember to say “little spicy” when ordering because originally this meal is unbelievably spicy).

Som Tam

Tender green papaya and green beans, fresh juicy tomatoes - mmm! These are ingredients of Som Tam salad. Garlic makes the dish piquant and lime juice makes the taste unusual.

Som Tam makes a perfect combination with rice or noodles. It is a very tasty and light meal!

We have chosen different dishes for you to show the great variety of Thai cuisine. Meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, sauces and spices - it will most likely be one of your brightest memories of Thailand. We hope you found this information interesting. Bon appetit!

Gavin   (01.05.2020 12:19)
I liked the seafood, there are a lot of them, they are well prepared and tasty. I fell in love with many fruits that I have not tried before.

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