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First trip to Phuket: what to see?


The first time

Phuket is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand, which attracts a huge number of tourists every year. The island is so popular due to the developed infrastructure, beautiful beaches, unique nature and a large selection of tours. A variety of activities will excite anyone, and those who has arrived to Phuket for the first time can easily get lost. So it is better to decide in advance where you want to go depending on your preferences.

Tips for those who visit Thailand for the first time

Those tourists who spend their first vacation in Phuket should not forget that Thailand is an exotic country with its own customs and laws which every guest of the Kingdom must observe.

1. First, the King and the Royal Family are highly respected in Thailand. It is forbidden to discuss the King anywhere including Internet. Any inappropriate comment or joke can lead to imprisonment for a long time.

2. Second, there is a strict ban on drugs here. Punishment for drug trafficking or drug usage is time in prison.

3. Smoking of hookahs and electronic cigarettes is also prohibited in the Kingdom. Everyone who smokes at the beaches must pay a very large fine or even get convicted. Remember that prisons in Thailand are the most stringent in the world.

4. During tours and walks it is forbidden to feed fish in the sea, otherwise you will have to pay a large fine.

5. In Thailand medical insurance will not work if you have drunk alcohol, even a small dose. Treatment of any injury received in the state of alcohol intoxication will not be covered by the insurance.

The Thais are very kind and friendly people who always smile. In order not to offend this hospitable people you should be polite with them and respect their traditions. Then your first vacation in Phuket will bring a lot of positive memories and you will definitely want to come back there again.

What you can see in Phuket

If you are in Thailand for the first time, you should definitely visit at least one local temple. There you can see how much Buddhism differs from other religions and enjoy the quaintness and beauty of the ancient Eastern architecture. One of these temples is the ancient Wat Chalong Temple Complex which is located in the South of Phuket. Here you will find several ancient buildings, including the high Chedi Phra Mahathat, where the Buddha’s ashes are kept. A beautiful view of the whole island and the Chalong Bay opens from the height of the building. And do not be afraid if you suddenly hear the sound of exploding firecrackers, in such way monks scare evil spirits.

Another famous observation deck is located in the Big Buddha Temple at the foot of the statue. The Big Buddha proudly towers on top of Nakaked Mount more than 300 meters high above the sea level.

You can also admire the beauty of Phuket from Promthep Cape. There are a lot of palm trees and other tropical trees, which are growing around the Brahma Temple. The temple is surrounded by a big number of statues of elephants of different sizes made of different materials (wood, iron, stone and others). There is also an ancient military lighthouse from which opens a beautiful view.

Cliffs, rainforest, mountain rivers and waterfalls are waiting for you in the Khao Sok National Park including the pearl of the park - Cheo Lan mountain lake. If you are interested in an extreme walk in the tropics, then the "Flight of Hanuman" tour will be an ideal choice. You can feel like a monkey’s god Hanuman and overcome the impassable jungle with the help of ropes.

A sightseeing Tour to Phang Nga will immerse everyone in the historical atmosphere and let you learn a lot about Phuket. The tour includes a visit to the museum and the view point Samet Nang She. You will also have an opportunity to ride a quad bike, a hanging rope, to shoot in the dash and to play golf.

The resort has a lot of evening entertainment. Such famous shows as X-Show, Aphrodite, Simon cabaret, Siam Niramit, FantaSea and Thai boxing will give unforgettable and even shocking impressions.

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