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Tarzan Adventure in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand
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Jungle adventure for the bravest

Choice of the strong and brave

This is a great surprise for those who love extreme and exotic entertaining adventures. Travelers are welcome to conquer the jungles and literally see the tops of the trees. Remember Tarzan? The brave man who could survive in the wild. He was brought up by monkeys, that is why he has learned to copy their behavior and acquired a skill to move fast and courageously in thick bushes and trees in the rainforest. He is a real athlete, tall, tan and handsome. Try yourself in a role of this legendary man!

How to go through so many obstacles in the jungles?

We will help you to do it. The program is developed very carefully and takes into account all the possible problems and nuances. Your safety and comfort is our primary priority.

Tours includes

  • Detailed instructions
  • Professional equipment
  • Services of the English-speaking guide who is ready to answer all your questions and help you

Prices for the rope parks in Phuket

Description of the program


Cancellation policy

You can cancel your booking for free, not less than 24 hours before the beginning of the event.

Frequently asked questions about tours in Phuket

1. How can I pay?

Payment can be made by:

1.1. VISA or MasterCard. 

1.2. Transfer to a Thai bank account in baht (via a cash machine, bank branch or any Thai bank mobile app).

1.3. Cash in the Phuket office by pre-arranging the time of the visit and the service(s) to be paid for in Online Support. You can pay in the office only in Thai baht and at least 3 days prior to the date of the tour.

2. How does the booking process work?

Book online and we will check availability for the selected date and send the payment link in WhatsApp or Email. If you need an alternative method of payment (in the office, by courier or to Thai account), please write about it in the "Additional information" field or in the Online Support.

3. What is the difference between group and private tours?

Group (Shared) Private
There will be other tourists on the tour Only your company will be on the tour
Transfer from hotels at the appointed time Private transfer at a convenient time
Tour guide for all tourists on the tour Tour guide for your company
No possibility to change the program of the tour It is possible to change the program of the tour (prior agreement with the tour operator is required)

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