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Pearl Farm Phuket (October - May)

Phuket, Thailand
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Pearl Farm in Phuket

Would you like to see and learn about the process of cultivating natural pearls?

The pearls are cultured 1 km off the coastline of Sapam Bay which is situated to the east of Phuket. You will get there by speedboat in 10 minutes. This is an individual tour. Here you will find out about the secrets of pearl birth. The climate of the eastern coast of Phuket is perfect for growing pearls. The water temperature is 26-29° С all year round. The sea currents bring and support the reserve of nutrients for oysters.

How the pearls are cultivated


Mabe pearls. When an oyster reaches 13 cm in diameter, a bead is implanted into the mantle of the mollusc and the oyster grows another 14 months in its natural environment. When implanting a bead it is very easy to harm the oyster, that is why only highly qualified professionals work on the farm.

Akoya pearls. Oysters of the size of 5-10 cm in diameter are collected from the sea. The pearl-shell generates Akoya pearls (Pinctada Fucada). Then a bead is implanted into the mantle conjunctive tissues of the mollusc. After the implantation molluscs are checked during six weeks and only after this period of time they are transported to the farm where they spend another 8-24 months.

South Sea pearls are the largest type of pearls. For its cultivation very rare Pinctada Maxima oysters are used. Beads are implanted in the 24-month old pearl-shells and are cultivated during 2-3 years.

During your tour of the Pearl Farm we also offer to visit a unique pearl store - Amorn Pearl. You can learn more about the store and book a transfer here.

Pearl Farm Phuket

A little bit of history

In 1967 Mr. Hong-Eang Sae-Taew and Mrs. Chun Tae-Taew came from Japan and opened a natural pearl farm. After many years of hard work the family business grew to an international brand - Phuket Pearl Industry Co Ltd.

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