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Royal Gems Pavilion Phuket

Phuket, Thailand
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Royal jewelries

Royal Gems Pavilion is an amazing world of precious stones which is open to the eyes of the island’s guests. If you want to enjoy both exotic nature and Thai authentic jewelry craftsmanship, you should definitely visit the biggest jewelry store in Phuket. All the jewelries which you buy in Royal Gems Pavilion are certified and have got a life-time guarantee.

Jewelries worthy of Kings

The jewelries are displayed on several floors in the Pavilion. Here minutes change its usual course. The concepts of time and space are blurred.

On the first floor you can see jewelries with pearls and semi-precious stones. On the second floor there is a grand display of ruby and diamond jewelries.

Royal Gems Pavilion also offers Thai Spa products which are presented in a separate department.

Why you should visit

Royal Gems Pavilion is not just a shopping center - you can hardly call this place with that word! Here works the team of experienced gemologists who are experts in jewelry making and design. You can go inside the pavilion and see the jewellers engaged in their exciting work. You can also see a short film about the history of the company.

Palace with royal interior

By the entrance there is a Buddha statue. It was made of a piece of wood which is 100 000 years old. Before you enter the jewelry hall you will see royal exhibits - a 6-metre long boat which was a property of the royal family. It is decorated with more than 10 000 crystals and about 20 000 golden plates.

Inside the Pavilion you will see “flying” dragons studded with hundreds of thousands of shiny gemstones. The dragons are a symbol of the sacred Thai monarchy and divinity.

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